Stay in a Renaissance Tuscan villa
near Florence, Italy

       Villa Gamberaia in Settignano

Villa Gamberaia is one of the most celebrated Renaissance villas in Tuscany and one of the few still in private hands. Long famous for its garden visits, the villa now offers vacation accommodation both in the main villa and in apartments within the grounds. All guests have access to an excellent swimming pool as well as the freedom to wander through the wonderful Tuscan gardens. Villa Gamberaia is located in the beautiful hills of Settignano within easy reach of central Florence by car or bus.

Renaissance Tuscan villa - Villa Gamberaia

The main villa at Villa Gamberaia

Vacation accommodation at Villa Gamberaia

Vacation accommodation at Villa Gamberaia

Stay in the main Villa Gamberaia

You can rent the entire main villa. The rooms have en suite bathrooms and are furnished luxuriously.

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vacation apartments at Villa Gamberaia

Stay in vacation apartments at Villa Gamberaia

The vacation apartments are located in buildings within the grounds of the villa. They are very comfortably furnished and have fully-equipped kitchens.

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Hold your wedding, fashion show, incentive, team-building
or other event at Villa Gamberaia

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Villa Gamberaia as an event venue

The villa and grounds at Gamberaia provide a wonderful venue for a wide range of events. Successful fashion shows as well as wedding have been held at Gamberaia, both outdoors and indoors.

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wedding at Villa Gamberaia

Wedding planner and wedding planning course

Villa Gamberaia offers a professional wedding planner who will organise every detail of your wedding celebration at Villa Gamberaia, and in addition, for do-it-yourselfers, the villa offers a wedding planning course.

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Visit the Villa Gamberaia gardens

visit the gardens of Villa Gamberaia

Classic Tuscan villa gardens

The gardens of Villa Gamberaia are open to the public upon purchase of a ticket at the villa office. The gardens include the giardino all'italiano as well as the lemon garden, grotto and other features. The optimal time for a visit is from April until September when the statues are uncovered and the lemon trees are in the open. The villa office is happy to organise transport for groups of visitors from Florence to the gardens.

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The lemon garden at Villa Gamberaia

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